CRM: Organize Your Potential Customers

CRM: Organize Your Potential Customers

This blog explores Customer Relationship Management (CRM), a vital extension of Exatorial's Extension Store.

This blog post discusses Customer Relationship Management (CRM), a crucial aspect of Exatorial's Extension Store.

Exatorial's Extension Store sets it apart from other management systems, and CRM is one of its extensions.

What is CRM?

CRM allows you to manage leads by setting reminders, tasks, and timelines. Additionally, you can send personalized emails and SMS and track responses and conversions.

What is a Lead in CRM?

In simple terms, leads are potential customers, that is, students, whose data you have with you.

How to Create a Lead?

The lead form is to add leads to your system.

Let's quickly learn how to add leads with an example. Suppose you receive a lead for a student's admission. Follow the step-by-step process below to manage the lead.

Add Lead

  1. Write down any latest developments or an overview of the lead in "Notes".

  2. Select the appropriate "Status" based on the lead's stage. For example, set the status to "pending" when you receive the lead, change it to "in progress" when you start working on it, and mark it as "converted" if you successfully convert the lead into a customer. If you couldn't convert the lead into a customer, mark it as "rejected/deleted/archived."

  3. "Lead Source" refers to where the lead came from.

  4. Assign a priority from 0 to 10 based on the lead's chances of converting into a customer. Zero means the chances are equal to impossible, while ten means there is a high possibility.

  5. Use "tags" to create customized tags for each lead and assign them accordingly. It will help you categorize your leads as you want.

Customize the Lead

Once you have created a lead, it is time to customize it as needed. For that, follow the steps as follows:

  1. Click on "View Details"

When you click on "view details", a new window opens up where you can do the following:

  1. Custom Details

You can add the lead's details here. For example, you can add the place where the leads belong, how many children they have, or any other specific and crucial information.

  1. Add Tasks

Adding tasks helps you track the tasks you need to perform for a particular lead.

  1. Follow up Timeline

This timeline will help you track the tasks by setting reminders for follow-ups, including the next connect time, interaction type, and notes.

Also, there's a communication support that you can use to communicate with the lead. You can call, SMS, Email, and WhatsApp them.