Introduction to Exatorial

In this article, we will understand how Exatorial will help you grow your educational institute.

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Introduction to Exatorial

Teaching and managing paperwork can be challenging for teachers. Hence, we have created software that helps teachers to be efficient. Also, it helps educational institutions to have better management.

Exatorial is an all-in-one online system designed to make life easier for schools, colleges, and universities. It handles everything from recordkeeping to scheduling to online learning.

With Exatorial, educational institutions can cut down on paperwork, work smarter, keep things secure, and offer a better experience for students and staff. It is an adaptable, user-friendly set of tools that lets educators concentrate on teaching, and Exatorial takes care of the rest.

What We Offer?

Exatorial has some incredible features that make it different from other software.


Create multiple virtual spaces within Exatorial to manage different branches or divisions and collaborate externally by inviting partners and assigning specific roles.

Powerful search functionality lets you quickly find any data - students, staff, courses, invoices, events - across the entire platform with advanced filtering.

User Management

Centralized system to create profiles, assign roles and permissions, track attendance and performance, generate reports, and manage all aspects of staff.


Stay informed via SMS, WhatsApp, or the web about major events, tasks, and deadlines through configurable notification settings.

Online Payments

A built-in payment gateway with Paytm and Razor pay support enables secure fee collection from students.


Customize the look, language, and currency and configure specific settings for payment modes, email templates, notification channels, etc.

Extension Store

The USP of Exatorial is its Extension Store, where you can install various extensions to make your tasks easier. We have listed the primary extensions below, but there are more extensions that we will discuss later.

Billing and Expense

Handle all your payroll, payment, expense, invoice, fee, and financial management needs in one place.


Easily assign homework, make notes, and lesson plans, track attendance and grades, embed video lessons, conduct live classes, and manage academic calendars.


Effectively manage leads and prospects with features like marketing campaigns, custom SMS, IVR, chat, and automatic call transcription.


Quickly build your online presence with a user-friendly platform that integrates Google Analytics, Meta Pixel, Google Tag Manager, AdSense, Chatbots, and more.


Streamline your examination processes by printing admit cards, tracking attendance, conducting online tests, handling multiple shifts, offering test series, and more.


Create and sell courses globally with features like content storage, OTP verification, video watermarking, resolution control, and AI-powered captions for live classes.

In a nutshell, Exatorial helps you focus on your core mission, that is, teaching and learning.

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